That pause when you take in all the fast paced events that you've consummated; the cities, the people, the food, the endless cultures. That pause amidst all the frenetic travelling agendas when you realise it's going to end soon. That pause, that gut wrenching pause.



"What are you going to do when we're gone Gaz?" - R
"Me? I'm going to smoke week, all day, every day. Alone. Fuck yeah."

27th of May 2015, 8.39pm



"I can't believe i kept off wearing glasses this whole time. It's like an entirely different world with glasses on. And with glasses off." - R
"Yeah. Like comparisons of internal experiences that only you know" - A
"Such a difference" - R
"Yeah, imagine babe. A third parameter. Think about it. Contacts." - A
"Yeah. Babe?" - R
"Yeah, you want it" - A

11th June 2015, 9.59pm



"Is this your boyfriend?" - T
"Um. Yeah!" - R
"You have got yourself a catch here buddy" - T
"She's aright. She has her moments" - E
"She's a lovely one, isn't she" - T
"I'm lovely" - R
"Yeah. She's lovely" - E

22nd June 2015, 8.44pm



"You're always sick man" - G
"Yeah, my immune system hates me" - R
"Thought you said you've fixed it?" - A
"I'm in the process" - R

27th of May 2015, 8.13pm


Two Weeks

FKA Twigs is my obsession right now. This cover of her song though.. Amazing.



"If he is insecure about losing you, it means he loves you that much. And if you think that he will not hurt you and you love him the same way, then do him a favour and don't tip toe around lies" - S

13th of May 2015, 3.47am